2 comments on “Day of the Lord – A Great Shaking

  1. My dear friends, our world as we know it changes daily within the atmosphere… Storms are coming, climate changes are just not the beginning of the end. When you take God out of your schools, out of your goverment, out of your homes and become self efficient in all things expect big troubles. The Bible tells us of things to come, 66 books full of knowlegde, insight, guidance for daily living, history of wars against Israel and Judah, the fall of man revolves around greed, power, and idols, worshipping anything but God almighty. The fall of all nations came about from their not knowing God and doing evil to their fellow man. If we only could live as the prophets of old where they shared all they had within the group, caring for each other. No reason for America to be in the shape we are in today, basic reason for our debt is higher officials robbing the people who were once A Great Nation full of compassion and not afraid to serve God or acknowledge him as the Lord who is over our Great Country. No doubt the end is nearer than it has ever been,the only thing to do is Pray without ceasing, never loosing sight of Gods love for us and our country.


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